Switch and Plug Replacement

Replacing older switches and plugs can really spruce up any space. Some older switches and plugs can discolor, scratch, or just have paint on them. Any of these are a great reason to upgrade to a newer device. Sometimes when a plug gets used often the insides loosen up. This can cause things that are plugged in to be loose-fitting. Loose plugs are not only inconvenient they are hazardous. Any loose electrical connection causes heat, heat causes fire. Older plugs also can break, the face of the plug tends to fall off and needs to be replaced ASAP. Switches have the same issues. The connections inside the switch can sometimes become loose so when operation the switch it may crackle as if it was not making a good connection. Sometimes the handle or face of the switch may fall off as well. Switch and Plug replacement is something we would love to take care of, if you have any of these issues contact us at 781-844-8628 for any device replacement.

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